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The LifeLine firmware has an Application Manager which gives the possibility to install 3th party 'Applications'.

For arm-based NASses there is an Application which installs FFP on the NAS. There are many packages available to install on FFP: NZBGet, Midnight Commander, Transmission, Plex Media Server, Serviio, Minidlna, serveral FTP servers, Lighttpd (webserver), OwnCloud, A compiler to compile your own software, ...

How to install

Download the Application here, upload it using the Application Manager. The NAS needs internet access, as it will download the FFP base package (about 50MB) from

And then?

After installing the box will have a login-less telnet daemon started, and an ssh daemon. You can telnet to the box and get a root shell, or login as root (password soho<your-admin-password>) over ssh. By executing

passwd admin

you can enable shell access for admin.

If ssh login works, you can disable the telnet daemon:

/ffp/start/ stop
chmod a-x /ffp/start/

When you have sftp enabled, the sshd daemon will fail to start. You might want to use a different port:

nano /ffp/start/

Edit the line 'sshd_flags=' to 'sshd_flags="-p 2222"' and restart the daemon:

/ffp/start/ restart

Now try to connect on port 2222.

Installing packages

You can install (and uninstall) packages using slacker. Try

slacker -Ui

Additional repositories can be added using uwsiteloader

Turorials & external links

FFP 'home'