Home Media Disassembly

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This is an article on how to disassemble the IOMega Home Media Network Hard Drive with step by step instructions.

Warning.png Warning: Carrying out this procedure probably voids your warranty. You do this all at your own risk!


1. First unscrew the two screws at the back end of the device as shown in the picture below. Following this pull out the plate that you have just unscrewed being careful not to pull it out more than an inch away from the device (the fan is connected to the PCB). It may be stiff at the fan end and require a bit of a tug.

Home network disassembly 1.png

2. You should now be holding the plate and be able to see where the fan plugs into the PCB. Unplug this carefully.

Home network disassembly 2.png

3. You should now have the back plate off.

Home network disassembly 3.png

4. Push the innards of the device out through the front by pushing through the back as shown by the arrows below gently.

Home network disassembly 4.png

5. Ta-da! You now have the hard disk and PCB out of the device.

Home network disassembly 5.png

6. If you want to take the hard disk out look at the side of the assembly that holds the hard disk and the PCB together. There are two screws on each side as shown in the picture. Undo these screws.

Home network disassembly 6.png

7. Now slide the hard disk out carefully in the direction shown below.

Home network disassembly 7.png

8. Congratulations, you have disassembled your Home Media device!

Home network disassembly 8.png


Complete the procedure above in reverse. Note that when you are sliding the assembly back in there are a few gold contacts on the PCB (ones that make contact with the case, presumably for earthing) that need carefully depressing so that they are not damaged or knocked off by the case.