Leds on the Home Media

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Shamelessly copied from the Iomega FAQ

Drive Capacity LED

Displays drive capacity information without logging into the administration tool.

Off Drive is below 70% full.
Flashing blue Device busy. Drive Starting up or shutting down.
Solid blue Warning! Drive is over 70% full.
Solid orange Caution! Drive is over 85% full.
Flashing orange Critical! Drive is over 95% full.
Alternating Blue/yellow DHCP Server Unavailable. Your Home Media Network Hard Drive was not able to get an IP address. Check the network connections and router settings.

Status/Activity LED

Indicates the Home Media Drive's power and drive activity status.

Solid white Drive powered up and ready.
Flashing white Drive in use, transferring data (reading / writing).
Solid red Drive not ready/Drive Failure.
Alternating white/red Boot device not found.

LED control

The process to control the LED's can be located at: /bin/mcucmd