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Welcome to IOMEGA @ NAS-Central
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This community-driven site is geared towards Iomega's Network-attached storage (NAS) devices. Notice that this page is totally unrelated to the vendor. Click on the links on the right to find out which variant you have.

Please help collecting information and enhancing the wiki. In case you never edited a wiki before take a look at the cheatsheet and the User's guide.

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NAS Variants

EZ Media & Backup Center

Iomega EZ Media & Backup Center

Media EZ.jpg
Gigabit Ethernet(500/750)

Iomega storcenter 500GB/750GB Gigabit Ethernet

Iomega storcenter 500GB 750GB Gigabit Ethernet.jpg
Gigabit Ethernet(1000)

Iomega Storcenter 1.0 TB Gigabit Ethernet

Iomega Storcenter 1.0 TB Gigabit Ethernet.jpg
Gigabit Wireless

Iomega Storcenter Gigabit Wireless Ethernet

Iomega Storcenter Gigabit Wireless Ethernet.jpg
Home Network

Iomega Storcenter 320GB/500GB Home Network

Iomega storcenter 320GB 500GB home network.jpg
Home Media

Iomega Storcenter 500GB/1TB/2TB Home Media

Home media network.jpg
Home Media Cloud Edition

Home Media Network Hard Drive, Cloud Edition

Hmnhd ce.jpg

iConnect Wireless Data Station


Iomega storcenter pro 100D.jpg

Iomega storcenter 150D.jpg

Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 200rL.jpg
ix2-dl & ix2-ng


Iomega StorCenter ix2-200.jpg
Why no 200R, 250D,450R?

No Linux OS

Iomega storcenter pro 250D.jpg

Iomega storcenter pro 200R.jpg

Iomega storcenter pro 450R.jpg

Where you can help

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