PCB Photos (ix2-ng)

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The connectors at the left are

Front leds (2x 2 color)
Sata 1 power Sata 2 power
Sata 1 data Sata 2 data

The 4 pin connector on top is the serial port (3.3V TTL). The pinning as shown on the photo from left to right Vcc TX Gnd RX
Directly below the serial port is a 3 pin header, where pin 1 & 2 (counted from the left) are shorted by a jumper. No idea what it does. When shorting 2 & 3 the box still boots, and no difference in the bootlog.

The empty chip space at the top right is for the 1GiB NAND flash as found on the ix2-dl. See IX2-dl pcb4.jpg