Stock Configuration (EZ Media)

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start/sector MD VG LV size mount point content
0 512 Legacy MBR
1 1536 GPT Partition table
2048 uImage kernel
8192 uImage initrd
/dev/sda1 (65536) md0 md0_vg BFDlv 4GB /boot This volume mainly contains 3 files, apps, config and oem, which are loopmounted on the rootfs. apps contains a (small) linux rootfs, while config contains the contents of /etc. oem contains branding info, and is small (+/-50k).
vol1 16GB /mnt/system Seems to contain all stuff which is not in a bare linux rootfs
/dev/sda2 (42008584) md1 abcdef01_vg lv12345678 rest /mnt/pools/A/A0 Contains the user data